Mirla Norales

Municipal council member # 1, Mirla Joselina Norales was born in the community of Punta Gorda in the municipality of Santos Guardiola, Department of the Bay Islands. She has a degree in basic education, she’s married and is the daughter of humble and hard-working parents who have always supported her in everything she do and of whom she is very proud. .

Her academic preparation began at Ramon Amaya Amador Kindergarten and José Santos Guardiola primary school, both in the community of Punta Gorda. Her academic aspirations and her desire to excel led her to the city of La Ceiba where he earned a degree in Industrial Home education from Instituto Técnico del Litoral Atlántico (lTLA). Later she received the tittle of Bachelor of Business Administration awarded by Centro Politécnico del Norte.

Continuing with her professional preparation, she enrolled in the Normal Litoral Atlántico School in the city of Tela where he received the title of teacher in Primary Education. However, there were more goals to accomplish, and with sacrifice, support from family and a desire to excel, she enrolled in the Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán where she received the honorable title of: Li-censure in Basic Education.

This council member is the Municipal Commissioner of Education and has worked as a teacher in various educational institutions in different villages of the Municipality of Santos Guardiola including Punta Gorda, Mud Hole and Santa Elena .


Maritza Fúnez

Council member Maritza Fúnez of the liberal party is the number 4 council member of the municipal corporation of Santos Guardiola and the commissioner of health in the municipality.

Born in Trujillo, Colon, this mother of one resides in the municipality of Santos Guardiola since 1984, where she attended college at “Instituto Departmental Honduras” in the village of Jones Ville”.

This municipal council member is a seafarer and has worked in this profession for more than ten years in which she traveled around the world and has visited 70 countries in four continents including Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

Edgardo Rodríguez

Edgardo Rodríguez Castellanos was born in the city of La Ceiba, Atlántida and is council member # 5 of the Municipal Corporation of Santos Guardiola, where he has resided for the past 28 years and where he was Chief of Justice in the last municipal corporation of this district.

Mr. Castellanos has a degree in Arts and Sciences and Computer Technician, but his occupation is welder and technical installer, alignment and repair of heavy equipment. As such, he has worked on fishing boat mending their machines.

The council member, who also stands out as a soccer player, played for the Vida selection team of La Ceiba and local teams in Santos Guardiola including Elche and the Pirates, and he is currently a member of the municipal soccer team.

He is the commissioner of security for the municipality and he believes that it is best to “Live to serve and not serve to Live”. He has been married for 27 years to Dorcas Bensi Bolan Bodden and they are the proud parents of three children.


Stalin Jones

Mr. Joseph Stalin Jones is council member # 6 in the Municipal Corporation of Santos Guardiola, and the commissioner of public works.  In 1982 he was elected as mayor of this municipality for the Liberal Party, and his tenure in office lasted four years. Today he is a successful business man who, before getting into politics, worked as a seaman.

He started his seaman career at the age of 14 working as an oiler on a supply boat and later as a 2nd engineer. After his stint on the supply boat that ran back and forth from Honduras to the US, he worked as the captain of a local fishing boat.

Mr. Jones later traveled to the North Sea where he worked as a 2nd Engineer before returning to his hometown of Jones Ville and starting his own fishing boat business.

During his tenure as mayor of Santos Guardiola (1982-1986) he worked alongside the current mayor who was then the Chief of Municipal Police.

Council member Jones has been married for 51 years and is the father of four children and the grandfather of nine grandchildren.


Albert Dilbert

Mr. Albert Dilbert is council member # 7 of the Municipal Corporation of Santos Guardiola, Bay Islands, Honduras. Before entering politics Mr. Dilbert worked in the USA and later in the oil field industry in Africa from 1984 to 2008.

Mr. Albert got into politics to help his community and he is the commissioner of community development. He has been married for 38 years and is the father of 5 boys and 3 girls.


Maribel Fúnez

Council member # 8, Professor Maribel Fúnez Hernandez, daughter of Mr. Luis Rafael Fúnez and Mrs. Paola Hernández Barrios, was born in Esparta, Atlántida and resides in the city of Santos Guardiola for 30 years.

This council member is the commissioner of projects of the municipality of Santos Guardiola; she has a license in Educational Administration and a Master’s degree in Project Management. With her license in educational administration, she holds the post of Director and Professor of Instituto Departamental Honduras in the village of Jones Ville of this municipality. She is married to Mr. Emmett Louis Cooper and is the mother of three children.