Organic Structure of the Municipality

The organizational structure of the institution is constituted in the following manner.

Superior Level: Municipal Corporation which includes the mayor, vice mayor and the council members.

Executive Level: Mayor and Vice mayor

Supportive Level: Municipal secretary

Operative Level: Treasurer, catastro, accounting and contribution


Financial function of the Municipality

The municipality functions on an annual budget of incomes and expenditures.  The income comes from the recollection generated by the collecting of taxes and rates and contribution paid by the contributors of the municipal, as well as transference’s and subsidies from the federal government.

Council Members

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    Mirla Norales

    Municipal council member # 1, Mirla Joselina Norales was born in the community of Punta Gorda in the municipality of Santos Guardiola…

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    Maritza Fúnez

    Council member Maritza Fúnez of the liberal party is the number 4 council member of the municipal corporation of Santos Guardiola and the commissioner of health…

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    Edgardo Rodríguez Castellanos

    Edgardo Rodríguez Castellanos was born in the city of La Ceiba, Atlántida and is council member # 5 of the Municipal Corporation of Santos Guardiola…

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    Joseph Stalin Jones

    Mr. Joseph Stalin Jones is council member # 6 in the Municipal Corporation of Santos Guardiola, and the commissioner of public works. …

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    Albert Dilbert

    Mr. Albert Dilbert is council member # 7 of the Municipal Corporation of Santos Guardiola, Bay Islands, Honduras…

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    Maribel Fúnez Hernandez

    Council member # 8, Professor Maribel Fúnez Hernandez, daughter of Mr. Luis Rafael Fúnez and Mrs. Paola Hernández Barrios, was born in Esparta, Atlántida….

Former Mayors

National Party of Honduras

Perry A. Bodden


Liberal Party of Honduras

Kerby Dave Ducker


Liberal Party of Honduras

Arlie Thompson


Liberal Party of Honduras

Errol Pouchie


Liberal Party of Honduras

Melville Norman


Liberal Party of Honduras

Ione Ebanks